Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looters, archaeologists, and hitmen.

Here we have another media outlet, the Daily Mail, that hasn't bothered to look up the difference between "archaeology" and "looting".  To be fair the Daily Mail hasn't sunk quite to the level of National Geographic--at least this article highlights the acquisitive, destructive, and outright weird side of looting rather than presenting it it as a fun-filled pasttime.  

Mail Online: Archaeologist, 72, who kept headless native American mummies in his back garden after looting graves and tried to pay for hit on rival with OPALS dies in prison

(Ok, yes.  It IS an awesome headline.)

National Geographic and Spike TV, you might want to take note--if the protagonists of Diggers! took out hits on each other and kept the headless bodies of children in their backyards, it might do wonders for your ratings.  Have your people call mine.

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